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Brave-till-the-end asked me some questions. I know that is only a part of some kind of game (?) but honestly, I don’t have enough time to think about new questions and to choose other people. But I really like to answer sooo… Let’s do this!

1. Do you have any best friend(s)?
I have really good friends, so YES!

2. Are you interested in sport? Especially in which disciplines?
Of course! I’m interested in every sport. I support polish athletes in every discipline. But I love ski jumping the most. I really like polish basketball as well.

3. Last read book?

4. Have you ever been in relationship?
In the real one? No. :P

5. Are you in fandom? Which?
No, I’m not. But I’m in skijumping family.

6. Is english your native language?

7. Spring or summer?
I love sunny (but not too much) days and it doesn’t matter if it is summer or spring.

8. Do you like being alone?
Sometimes yes.

9. Do you belive in any religion or you are atheist, agnostic, deist or something?
I’m proud of beeing Christian!

10. Favourite subject(s) at school?
I really like history, but I don’t like these lessons at school because are very boring and my teacher is very strange. It’s complicated… :)

11. Are you fangirling sometimes? :D
Yes. :P

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